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What’s next to build?

As I’m tinkering with finer details in the first few exhibits semantifying UMW (see previous post), I’m toying around with the next exhibits to build. Here’s a few that I have in mind:

Weekly Tag Timeline
A timeline of the tags used in the past week, with links to the posts
All Blogs by Blog Name
An exhibit of all the blogs by title.
Tag Timeline and Exhibit by Blog
For any blog, the complete timeline of tag use
Top Linkers
An exhibit of the top 10 blogs for links.

Any other ideas?

And…for any of the exhibits, there’s the added question of what data to included in the bubbles that pop up. There are limits on the total amount of data for any exhibit, but when the focus is on a particular blog or post I think we can squeeze in a lot. What makes sense?

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