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Exploring UMW’s Online Presence, part 1: What it looks like

I’ve built the displays using the ever-more outstanding Exhibit ( see also )web app from SIMILE at MIT.  Right now, I’m still using the default style, which looks a little like this example from the Bloggers Exhibit.

The red underline signals that when you click it, additional info will come up, like this:

This expands out the information available and where you could go.

But sa you browse through things, there is another aspect that work in tandem with the popups — facets. Facets provide versatile ways of filtering data to hone in on exactly what you are interested in at the moment. Depending on the kind of information you are looking at, I’ve offered up some facets to let you focus on a particular blog, or a particular blogger, or a particular post.  Here’s an example:

There’s a blogger cloud (a list of blogger names, highlighted by how oftern they appear in the page’s data), Post title and Blog title.  Click on one, and it filters the results on the page to just that one.  When you start filtering using the facets, you can also expand back out by using the checkboxes.  This setting will show data about both posts.  Notice that the other facets also trimmed down to only the ones relevant to the checked posts.

The possibilities for views on the info and for the facets are pretty broad–I’ll be working with lots of people on the information architecture as we go along.

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