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October 16th, 2008:

A Timeline of Posts

Just put up a new prototype of an Exhibit/Timeline: Two Week Timeline. This gets a list of all the posts from the past two weeks and puts them into a timeline. I was surprised to find that this one interests me a little more than the others, because the timeline representation might end up revealing some patterns to the blogging activity. Even counting outliers and anomalies like the recent fall break and the pile-up from LabLogs (not sure, but there might be a bug here I need to chase!) — it looks like prominent blogging times show up.

This might start us toward some quantitative study of blogging behavior here at UMW.

In related news, the Exhibit for individual blogs now also contains a complete timeline. Use one of the searches to look up your blog and follow the link to its Exhibit, then click the “Timeline” tab at the top of the page.