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10,000 Posts!

The mission of semantifying the University of Mary Washington is coming along nicely — the store of information now knows about more than 10,000 posts from over 1,500 different blogs!

There’s also a lot more information that isn’t yet being exposed in the various exhibits and galleries. It’s all a big pile of facts about the blogs and bloggers, just waiting to be put together in a new and interesting way. How big is the pile of facts? First, let me get at what I mean by a ‘fact’.

Here, a fact is what you have whenever you put a relation between two different things. So “This post was created on October 30” is a fact — it relates the post to the date it was created. “This post was created by Patrick” is another fact, relating this post and the person who created it.

So when I say “a big pile of facts”, I mean that the pile contains approximately 140,000 distinct facts of that sort, and adding between 600 and 900 new ones each week!

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