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Whose Link Is It, Anyway?

Continuing my fascination with links, I’ve got a new Exhibit in the spirit of the Link Friends Exhibit. That one is an overall list of common links between posts. So it gives you a list of URLs and the posts that link to them, ordered by the number of posts that link to it.

This one gets blog-specific. For any given blog URI, it digs up all the things it links to, if some other post anywhere in UMWBlogs also links to it. Like so:

You can start here, and just type or copy-paste in the URI of a blog in UMWBlogs, and it’ll dig up the common links. Or, start with the exhibit for this blog. (For blogs with many links, it takes a little while to process the data., for example, pretty much stalls) There are facets for tags on all the resources, though it’s unlikely right now that the common link will have been tagged. In the happiest circumstance, the common link will be to another post within UMWBlogs, in which case it just might have been tagged or categorized.

The pop-up for the common link also gives you an option to go to a page of all the posts and blogs that link to it.

The idea is that if you find a blog that you like, chances are that it will link to other things that you like. And if indeed it links to other things that you like, other, unfamiliar, blogs will also link to it. And so you can traverse through (1) blog you like (possibly your own!) -> (2) what it links to -> (3) new blogs that you might like, based on common linking.


  1. Reverend says:

    What do you expect, it’s the bava! 🙂 You my friend are a blogging fiend, and your semantic web craziness is getting grooveir and groovier everyday!

  2. Oh Rev, I have not yet begun to semantify!