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“Tis now the very blogging time of night…”: When We’re Posting to UMWBlogs

Tis now the very blogging time of night
When posts do churn and the bava breathes out
Edupunk to this world . . .

(Apologies to Shakespeare)

Over the weekend there was an odd glitch with the scrapers. They’re still down until we figure out exactly what’s going on, so unfortunately I might miss some of the blog data from over the weekend.

But it brought up the interesting question of, if I need to test something, when is it lease likely that people will be posting to UMWBlogs. Of course the intuitive guess is “late at night”. But I’ve got data, so let’s use it.

Here’s a table and simple bar chart of how many posts were written when. NB — many posts get aggregated and republished, which means that they show up in this data twice. Alas, I don’t have a good mechanism for tidying up the data there.

Looking at 16877 posts, for you folks who like that kind of stuff.

12am – 1am 631
1am – 2am 383
2am – 3am 164
3am – 4am 77
4am – 5am 62
5am – 6am 59
6am – 7am 118
7am – 8am 268
8am – 9am 548
9am – 10am 812
10am – 11am 1066
11am – 12pm 1020
12pm – 1pm 1026
1pm – 2pm 980
2pm – 3pm 1267
3pm – 4pm 1257
4pm – 5pm 1112
5pm – 6pm 766
6pm – 7pm 677
7pm – 8pm 856
8pm – 9pm 1014
9pm – 10pm 934
10pm – 11pm 910
11pm – 12am 870
Blogging Times chart

Blogging Times chart

I was actually a bit surprised by how late into night people are blogging — I expected it to taper off a little earlier. I’m also curious about the dip right at 5 and 6 pm. Is that just dinner time? If so, it might be interesting that our blogging practices are so closely tied to that social norm.

And it looks like if I’m going to be testing things, I’ll need lots of coffee.


  1. zach whalen says:

    This is some really interesting stuff. I’m curious, does this include the data from my drupal sites? I know we’re part of the picture in some senses, but I don’t know which sense this data comes out of. I mean, is this part of the RSS cloud, or is it drawn straight from the database(s)?

    If we are included, I’d bet that a good portion of the late night blogging comes from my graphic novels class. I have a blog checkpoint set at every Monday morning at 6:00 AM to try and discourage last minute blogging, but it never fails that I see a flurry of posts after 2:00AM.

    If we’re not in this dataset, do you have any tools I could use to scrape my sites individually?

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  3. Zach,
    Yep…you are indeed included. I made a design choice early on to work only from RSS — not touch the databased at all — partly to be able to draw on anything that has RSS (which is just about everything that matters!)

    And yep again–your students are REALLY heavy on the late night blogging: Here’s the data from your graphic novels class

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