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Like Openness in Higher Ed? Read current Panlibus

A while ago, I had a little play-time with data released from the University of Huddersfield Library by Dave Pattern, which led to a Talking With Talis podcast with Dave (see this post about it on this blog, and/or this one on my more technical blog.).

They also asked both Dave and me to write short articles for their Panlibus magazine, and as it turns out the entire issue (PDF) is devoted to several aspects of openness in higher education and libraries more generally. Anyone with an interest in openness in education will find lots of interest.

Here’s a few highlights from the issue, just to whet your appetite.

The National Library of Scotland in the Digital World

Martyn Wade talks about the plans for the National Library of Scotland future as a ‘small and smart’ national library, starting from “the view that digital is what we do; digital is what we are.” He also raises many intriguing questions about the future role of libraries and digitization.

The New City Library

Tony Durcan talks about the newly remade Newcastle city library, which includes a four-storey atrium, complete self-service, and even a 24 hour vending machine, “providing a range of books and DVDs”

Building a library service for the future

Liz McGettigan talks about the network of public libraries in Edinburgh self-reimagining to embrace Web 2.0 features and easier access to services, including using RFID technology to enable city-wide self-service terminals.

Plings–places to go, things to do

Steven Flower talks about making a listing of positive activities for youth as easily browsable as the TV listings — his analogy to TV listings is really impressive!

Libraries, openness, and the global community

Nicole C. Engard talks about openness, open source, and open catalogs with LibLime’s service.

Juice up your OPAC

Richard Wallis talks about Talis’s Juice framework for creating innovative interfaces onto your OPACs. I’ll be spending lots of time exploring this!

Opening up Higher Education, starting with the library

Dave Pattern and yours truly talk about releasing library and other university data under open licenses to facilitate innovative reuse of university info.

Next-generation resource list management at the University of Plymouth

Talis and the University of Plymouth make resource lists open and accessible.

A Code4lib week for Talis

Richard Wallis is back to talk about his experiences at this year’s code{4}lib conference.

All that and more in the issue. All of it looks wonderfully to the future of openness in libraries and higher education. Many ideas and insights into what the future will hold!

I’d also like to thank Panlibus’ editor, Harpreet Kaur Sanghera, for inviting me to contribute to the issue and for all her wonderful help in putting the article together. I really appreciate all your work and feedback!